Tree Fertilization

The top motivation for fertilizing a tree or shrub is to bolster health so they are better prepared to fight disease, pests, and environmental stresses.  While fertilizer isn’t a magic bullet – it can certainly be worthwhile.

Anything you do to mimic a tree’s original natural habitat can reduce the need for fertilizer.  For example, consider allowing leaves to remain on the ground in the fall instead of raking them up. Of course – this may not be an acceptable look for your particular landscape design.  For various reasons such as this, the need for fertilizer becomes evident or otherwise cannot be entirely eliminated.

A good time to fertilize trees in our north-eastern Ohio climate is from autumn to mid-spring.  During this time of year, the tree’s roots absorb nutrients from the soil and apply them to important health functions e.g. root development and disease resistance, in addition to new growth.

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